TA’s newest venture is the purchase and rehabilitation of the former Roundout Electric building located at 33 Arlington Avenue in the Town of Poughkeepsie. The building was previously used for office space and storage. TA is redeveloping the retired building and site and breathing new life into the existing structure. The proposed rehab of the building will provide mixed use occupancies consisting of small boutique shops and services and office spaces.


The design concept is to turn the building completely around. The existing back of the building will become the newly designed front with a new covered walkway and storefront glass along the entire façade. A tower element has been integrated into the design and will be a new landmark in the Arlington district.

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Rehabilitation of the former Roundout Electric building.


Van Wagner Place- 33 Arlington Town of Poughkeepsie, New York


12,808 sq. ft.


Currently in Progress.


33 Arlington buildingn will join the Van Wagner Place neighborhood. View other TA projects in correlation with this project. 

33 Arlington Exterior

Photo of 33 Arlington prior to renovation

Rendering 33 Arlington

Rendering 33 Arlington

25 Van Wagner Rd. (across for 33 Arlington) prior to renovation.

25 Van Wagner Rd

25 Van Wagner Rd Completion. Home of Tinkelman Architecture, Poughkidsie, Coffee Studio and CPCA.

25 Van Wagner Road Interior (Tinkelman Architecture Office)

25 Van Wagner Road Interior (Tinkelman Architecture Office)

Van Wagner Place Residential

H-8 (34)

Van Wagner Place Residential Interior


Van Wagner Place Residential- Hilltop Building