Project Overview-  Hyde Park, New York 


Tinkelman Architecture was selected for its design skills to lead the architectural effort for the expansion of this large existing multi-building commercial center located in the center of historic Hyde Park. Tinkelman’s challenge was to develop an architectural approach that strengthened the connections between the existing buildings as well as gave form to the new supermarket that will be the lynchpin of the expanded center. Taking our cues from Hyde Park’s rich catalogue of vernacular and historic architecture, as well as making the most of the opportunities on site, Tinkelman developed the design of the new 65,000 square foot supermarket and the complete re-design of the existing main structure. The project design approach embodies Tinkelman Architecture’s commitment to new urbanism and incorporates numerous concepts from the Greenway Connections guide. The images produced were a key component in early community support for the project as well as the favorable response by the planning board.


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