Rhinebeck Bank, Village of Fishkill

Rhinebeck Bank, Coldspring, NY

Rhinebeck Bank,Kingston

Rhinebeck Bank, Village of Fishkill


Rhinebeck Bank: Kingston 

Working within the shell of a one-time Men’s Club in uptown Kingston, Tinkelman Architecture took care to preserve details and elements from the past as it provided for the modern banking program required. Stainless steel was used as a counterpoint to the classical motifs of the original interiors to produce a product of the present with a respect for the past that is so evident in the Hudson Valley, and which T.A remains sensitive to.


Rhinebeck Bank: East Fishkill 

Tinkelman Architecture was asked by the Bank to design a prototypical branch that would serve for all future build outs; T.A responded with a careful programming process and worked closely with senior operational staff at Rhinebeck Bank to produce a solution that is appropriate for the image of the Bank, economical to construct and maintain, and which lends itself to replication and minor modifications to suit specific sites. The East Fishkill branch was the first implementation of the prototype




RSB - Cold Spring.jpg
RSB - Cold Spring.jpg


Village of Fishkill, NY

This location, in the heart of the historic district of the Village of Fishkill was previously occupied by a decrepit shingle style house that had been substantially and insensitively altered over time. This structure needed to be demolished, and Tinkelman Architecture was requested by the Village board to re-imagine what the structure might have resembled, and use that as the starting point for the design of the new facility. T.A, using a combination of its imagination, careful research on the Shingle and Stick styles, and paying heed to the scale and texture of the neighborhood, produced a design that has been well received by the Village, reducing the time taken to obtain municipal approvals and allow the bank to open in a timely manner.


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LaGrange, NY

A departure from the stand alone buildings previously requested, this commission required TA to miniaturize the typical branch and fit it into a leased tenant space situation. Using the familiarity gained from its prototype development and the intimate knowledge of the Bank procedures , TA was able to produce a viable solution to this space planning problem


Wappingers Falls, NY

This location represents the second implementation of the prototype and the extremely minor modifications made are a reflection on the soundness of the original concept.