Location: Wappingers Falls, NY

This second phase of the NSN project consisted of remodeling an existing structure located on the southern portion of the site. Since 2016, Tinkelman Architecture PLLC has been collaborating w/ the HV Hospitality Group LLC and R. L. Baxter with the redesign of the building giving it a new and dynamic appearance. The exterior of the new restaurant was designed with a dramatic color and material contrast in mind. This was created by using board & batten cedar siding for the main body of the building that was stained black. The building was then accented with cedar shakes and trim which were stained a golden color and smooth grey pre manufactured panels. The forms of the building were also altered to add to the dramatic look of the renovation. The gable roof form of the original restaurant was extended forward and faced with the golden cedar shakes. This has become the prominent location for the restaurant signage. This is flanked on each side by rectilinear towers that solidly anchor the building on the southeast and the northeast corners. Large windows were added to allow for dramatic views of the interior bar and dining areas. At night, the towers glow like beacons from the satellite LED fixtures that are hung within. To add to the versatility of the dining experience an outdoor dining terrace, which is accessed through large sliding doors, was constructed on the north side of the building. This phase was completed with the installation of new sidewalks, planters and landscaping beds around the building.