Location: Catskill, NY

The American Dance Institute turned to Tinkelman to assist them in bringing to conclusion the effort to design their new facility in the village of Catskill, to be housed in a one time lumberyard.

The project required an adaptive redesign of the entire building including targeted improvements to its façade, reconfiguring utility services, and coordination of the complex engineering required to turn a large garage space into a black box theatre. The facility when complete will provide a rehearsal space with equipped with acoustical isolation and noise control from environment and systems, theatrical rigging, and flexible exiting to allow for various configurations. Dormitory space on the second floor will provide for visiting dance and theatre companies and public space on the first floor with a new entry sequence will enliven Water Street and signify the new life within.

In addition to the design challenge, the project required an aggressive schedule as well as detailed Value engineering review, analysis through computer modeling of various mechanical equipment system arrangements to best balance acoustic requirements with coordination of rigging and the appearance of the building as well as first cost and maintenance concerns. TA brought its expertise in working with old buildings as well as its team management skills to the forefront for this effort, soon to be completed, with construction scheduled for the Spring.