Location: Woodstock, NY


Tinkelman Architecture was engaged by this Hudson Valley enterprise to design a prototype store for all new locations. Working closely with the operational director and the company owners, Tinkelman Architecture analyzed all critical operational factors for these small yet complex operations and developed a solution that accommodated critical functional modules – barista station, sales and display, hot and cold prep stations – as well as addressed larger scale relationships such as counter service to table service, front of house to back of house. Recognizing the necessity of balancing function with place making, the final prototype design was a complete architectural effort.

Central Baking Facility

Tinkelman Architecture utilized its real estate and existing condition toolsets to assist Bread Alone in analyzing a potential location for its new central facility. Working through its detailed checklists developed over time to assist in the property analysis process, Tinkelman Architecture was able to vet a wide range of concerns, including water quality, existing utility conditions, parking, building envelope conditions, probable cost of renovations, general space planning and test fit, as well as testing the waters with the municipality regarding the new usage in the posited location.

Woodstock Store

Tinkelman Architecture has the requisite skills to work from big to small and this commission required the design of new featured display shelving, revisions to the store seating layout, layout confirmation for new casework, and targeted alterations to lighting and store infrastructure.