Hooker Ave. Poughkeepsie, NY

Tinkelman Architecture made use of its understanding of the Poughkeepsie urban context to completely re style this small gas station- transforming it into a new anchor on this major City thoroughfare. The exterior was extensively re styled to reflect the character of the neighborhood, while the interior was completely renovated to accommodate the small Dunkin Donuts template. it offers an example of Tinkelman Architecture’s ability to wed modern programs while remaining sensitive to the attachment to tradition that runs strong in so many Hudson Valley townships. The Tinkelman Architecture led site plan and signage approval processes were concluded in a timely manner and with the approvals for sign size so critical to the success of this type of commercial venture.

Red Oaks Mill

Working in a less restrictive environment, Tinkelman Architecture produced this renovation concept for a new convenience/Dunkin Donuts/gas station that makes use of more iconic Dunkin Donuts motifs. The process included a complete renovation program for the interior; Tinkelman Architecture’s role included coordination with DD corporate requirements as well as the owner’s budgetary restrictions.