Location: Rockland County, NY

Tinkelman Architecture, in conjunction with R.L. Kimball Associates, was selected to assist the County of Rockland with the needed expansion of its 911 Dispatch Center. The Center is located at the existing facility which will be expanded to provide for the radio dispatch room, a conference room, as well as office and staff support spaces. The addition while physically a part of the existing building will be a stand-alone unit, with separate controlled access as well as its own mechanical system and backup generator.

Tinkelman Architecture conducted a careful planning process to ensure that the complex programmatic needs and relationships required by the facility were understood and incorporated into the design.

The facility is built, literally and figuratively, around the radio dispatch room. The heart of the facility, its importance is reflected in the detailed level of design necessary to provide for its complex function. A host of issues were considered, ranging from the proper physical environment for the dispatchers and emergency coordinators, to lighting level control, visual connection between mission critical personnel, environmental systems for both users and the extensive communications equipment, hardening of the building shell, as well as day lighting and acoustic control.

While simple materials prevail, the radio dispatch room is equipped with a large sun shade, which allows the significant glazing, while controlling glare. Tinkelman Architecture utilized computer modeling and animation for analysis and validation of the screen design.

Through careful programming and close communication with the County, Tinkelman Architecture believes the new faculty will well serve the expanding needs of the County emergency response team.