Project Overview - Poughkeepsie, New York 


This project consisted of the both the renovation of the building façade along Main Street within the City of Poughkeepsie as well as the expansion and renovation of the interior spaces.  The original building façade was covered by an aluminum panel system concealing the building’s historic character and original cast stone signage panel and columns. The façade of the first floor was designed to open up the interior of the building through installation of large storefront and entry systems.  These provided a modern component that was blended with the historical architectural elements of the remainder of the façade.  A planter was added as well to soften the front of the building and allow for seasonal color.  With the removal of the aluminum panels, the upper portion of the exterior facade was restored through repairs to the brick and the cast stone sign panel as well as the replacement of the original windows on the second floor.  The interior of the building was renovated to provide a customer friendly entry and reception space, office for the sales representatives and for the expansion of the Graphic Design Department to the second floor. 


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