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Upon receiving her bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University at Buffalo, Mrs. Alvarez has been involved in, and taken lead on, a variety of projects. With over 14 years of experience in the architectural field, she has cultivated a unique skill set that ranges from interior design and project management to leading the way for BIM (Building Information Modelling) development. Her involvement with high end residential, hospitality and commercial projects makes her a versatile and detail-oriented key-player.

About 10 years ago, Mrs. Alvarez was inspired to work in BIM and perceived it as an innovative endeavor. The knowledge and experience she gained with BIM allowed her to enhance design productivity and revolutionize project delivery methods, while equipping her clients with visual aids to make better design decisions.    

When Susan is not using her talents at work, she uses her creative passion to give back to her local community. From leading a youth group as a Middle School Director at her local church, to taking lead on designing and preparing a presentation for her local youth room renovation project, Mrs. Alvarez infuses all she takes on with creative energy.

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